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Is your refrigerator running?

Better go catch it!

I wonder if kids still use that for prank calls. Earlier this morning I was cursing the major appliances in this house and happened to remember that old gag.

Our fridge has had a mind of it's own for quite some time. Some days it's warm, other days it freezes everything on the top shelf. A month or so ago the dryer was stricken with the same ailment. Sometimes I reach in to the get the clothes and they are cold and wet. Other times I reach in and it's so hot it literally burns.

The latest casualty appears to be the oven. We used it last night and shut it off. This morning when I was standing in the kitchen I heard the unmistakable "swoosh" of the oven igniting. The knob clearly said off yet the oven had indeed lit. I fiddled with the knob and got it shut off finally.

Every day I ask myself - is this the low point? As bad as it's going to get? Rock bottom? Will today be the day our bad fortune turns to good??