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Tae Bo is kicking my butt

Tae Bo for butts and abs = Yeeeee-oowwwwwww!! I have read some reviews where people say the can't stand the grunting and groaning of the people in the videos. If you put any effort into it at all you can't help but groan.

The kids did a set last weekend. Emily was awesome at it and wanted to keep doing it all day. C. had to call it quits after about ten minutes. He's not real flexible. Little Ben did about five minutes and fell on the floor into a position that can only be described as a frog that has been flattened on the highway. He said "Is this guy trying to kill us?? I think we could die in the night from this."

Every time I hit that "AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGGGGHHHHHH!!!" point I think "I could die in the night from this."

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