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That gun can't shoot far!

The five year old is teaching thirty-five year old how to play 007-Night Fire. It's pretty dang funny. A month ago he was saying to Christopher "Walk in front of my gun so I can shoot you!!!". Now he's like an old pro teaching his dad. He even remembers which weapons have good range.

I am so tired. It seems like I've been in the kitchen all day either cooking or doing dishes. This afternoon Todd's sister and brother-in-law came down for late Christmas with the kids. After they left I made calico beans and corncake for Todd and chicken strips for the kids. Now I just want to go to bed but I'm afraid it's too early. Hopefully Emily's nose won't be quite so stuffy tonight and the boys won't bail out of bed at the butt crack of dawn.

Oh Lord, I just directed Todd through a short section of 007. I must be tired.

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Lisa and guns of any sort (spud cannot not excluded)? Yep, you're way tired, Chica...




Oh Lord, I just directed Todd through a short section of 007.

I'm so proud of you. I gave up on video games after Legenda of Zelda Gold - they got all complicated and everything. *sigh* There are just no good games like Ms. Packman and DigDug anymore. *sigh*


Ferk. what is this? A post with the curse of misspelling on it?????