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Well it's 40 below

The wind chill is anyway. I hope my car doors aren't frozen shut again.

I managed to walk 30 minutes on the treadmill yesterday morning and 45 minutes last night. The majority of that was at my 3.5 MPH pace so of course I hurt my knee. I was on it when Todd came in from work and motioned for him to look at the console to see how far I'd gone. I told him my knee was hurting and he said "Maybe the answer is to stop??" No way! When I first hauled that treadmill up here from my aunts house, I could walk five minutes, then a week later I was up to ten, then stalled at twelve minutes for the longest time. I am trying to work up to an hour at a time and you can't work up to anything by being a quitter. I think my knee pain is an old leftover injury from high school. I was running hurdles and missed one. Got a knee full of that crushed cinder block they used to put on outdoor tracks.

Anyway, gotta go warm up the car if I can get into it. Have a great day!

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Whoa! Stay warm today however you can.

...and I'd say "Ice that knee", but all you'd have to do is walk outside!

You live for this weather every year. Stop bitching! ;)


Gads, sorry 'bout the weather. Here in Southern California, we are in the upper 60s/lower 70s. We even barbequed last weekend. Just think warm thoughts! (and, get a Mac to avoid those viruses) ;-)