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New Shoes

It's a wonder I haven't broken something when I do my tae bo workouts. My cross trainer shoes are at least 8 years old so the bottoms are shot. Not really that worn out but the rubber has hardened and they are slicker than snot. If you've ever done tae bo, you know it's a good idea to have traction - particularly on carpet.

Anyway, we don't have any place near here to buy shoes so I've been looking around the web. So dang expensive! Today we took a little road trip to Winterset so I could take photos for a website. They have a huge Pamida and we had 20 minutes in the schedule before we needed to head back home. Dashed in there and found some shoes. Feels like I have new feet. I just did tae bo and made it further than I ever have. I had to learn a new way of balancing but I wasn't working extra hard not to fall down for a change. Another bonus, they are as heavy as concrete blocks. Excellent for the legs.

Wondering if the LadyBug has a new bug yet. I love new babies - especially when they aren't mine. ha! Other new babies: Robyn has a beautiful son. Dooce has a lovely daughter.

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sorry, Lisa. No little buglet yet. Stay tuned. ;-) and thanks for all of your thoughts. You can come on up and hold and play with (and change) the little tyke, too. ;-))