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That's more like it

From the bathroom: "Moooommmm!!!! My shirt is stuck!!!!" (sounds more like an elephant has fallen in the tub)

I go in and there is my WONDERFUL son, trying to put his school shirt on over his pajamas. I carefully point out that it is usually more efficient if a person takes off the pajamas first, then gets dressed. What happened next is a 2 minute blur of very loud voices, a large dog trying desperately to become invisible if only for a minute, and much stomping by the boy stuck in pajamas.

I am not sure what I said as I do not deal well with grouchy people. I know I used my mean mother voice and made the announcement that it was time to get out the trumpet. Ah, the sweet sound of angry trumpet playing in the morning. He may or may not still be stuck in his pajamas.

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Happy Valentine's Day lisa!