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Did I ever know how to dance?

This morning I decided to try out a workout tape I'd borrowed from a friend; specifically the cross training section. There was a section where I was supposed to step out to the side, feet back together, out to the side, back together, then a quick ball change. I could do it at demonstration speed but when they kicked it up to real speed, I was lost. Then they threw in some arm movements and I seriously almost fell on my face. When did I become a klutz? Tonight I did Tae Bo for abs. Each time I can go a little farther. Yay me!

Tonight's aggravation: Todd actually suggested we stay up late and watch Letterman. I was so excited because I love to stay up without kids. Great idea but about 30 minutes ago, we lost CBS. First the audio then the video. GRRRRR

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Would you like suggestions <g>?


Suggestions for how to fall gracefully???