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Ralph Nader is running for president. Time to go back to bed. Wake me in five years.

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He's such a jerk...this is simply for his ego - all his advisors are telling him *not* to run!

Will people notice what a sad, bedraggled shell of a man Ralph Nader is today? He is nearly 70. He has no money, will not be on the ballot in many states, no organization, no nothing.

He was a fantastically dedicated consumer and environmental advocate, 40 years worth. If Bush actually wins in November without the help of the Supreme Court, has he considered how most of his dream of a Green America will and already has gone down the toilet? Clean air -- pure water -- national parks the way they were intended to be, without oil drilling rigs? That's the Republican way.....and he may just be the stumbling block for Democrats to win, and who will try to Take Our Country Back!!!!!!

Damn him.