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Stop looking back!

Random Monday morning brain dump:

Couldn't sleep last night for a whole new batch of reasons. I need a switch installed on my brain so I can just shut it off. I have buyers remorse on my tires. Thinking winter is about over so maybe I could have/should have put it off until fall.

I have to reconfigure a router at work this morning and come up with a plan for moving some sites around. That's always stimulating thinking material at 3AM.

Ralph Nader is going to keep me awake from now until November.

Those of you dealing with deadbeat ex's may want to think about the flip side of that. Would you rather have to deal with them? That's all I'm saying 'bout that.

This Purpose Driven Life book has thrown me for a loop already. Second chapter says God knew the day we'd be born and the day we'd die. I don't like that. Do not agree with it. It doesn't make sense to me that the beginning and end of our lives are completely out of our control, yet we get to determine what happens in the middle? Of course I don't have time to go into this as it's time to wake up the boy and start the whine machine into action.