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Mellow Yellow

Seen over at Deborah's, taken because what else is there to do at 7am?

Yellow Vibes
Your Energy is Yellow. You are generous, bright,
and expressive. An excellent communicator, you
keep your audience captivated with your
animated storytelling. Sometimes you talk too
much, but when you learn to listen you will be
sought out for your talents to advise.

The communications field appeals to you as a
profession. Public speaking, writing, radio,
acting or teaching would also be good career

What color is your energy?
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I was so incredibly sick last night in the middle of the night. I hate that. I wanted to sleep and every time I'd doze off, my stomach would scream. I think it was a combo of two things: stressful day yesterday and too much sugar the night before.

I'm not supposed to have much sugar. It's also against my better health to be on the phone with a tech for four freaking hours while my boss' other business is at a standstill. That in itself is enough to drive a person insane but when it's a computer software glitch and I'm in the business of fixing/building computer software... ugh. There's some really bad software out there and it aggravates me to no end. You should see what it does to my boss. heh.

I am very tired this morning and still a little woozy. Hopefully the universe will balance by 8am.

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Better now?

Four hours? ...and no migraine?