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Happy Birthdays to Us

Todd's birthday was Saturday. Mine is tomorrow. I didn't have a chance to get out and buy him anything so Emily and I concentrated on making him all of his favorite foods over the weekend. That seemed to work good for him.

I thought it was determined that no one had the time or money for gifts but tonight he comes in with presents. He says because it's my birthday tomorrow and he will not allow me to celebrate it without gifts. He got me a DeWalt sander in a nice case and a small finishing sander. Sounds weird I know but it's what I always say I want when we see them in Home Depot. I want to refinish furniture. (like I have time for that) I also say I want a new canister set and bread box for my countertop. And a dachshund.

I **REALLY** want a dachshund but we don't need any more pets. My mother, hellbent on paying me back for every stray I ever drug home, decided the kids needed Easter chickens. Live ones. Does this look like a freakin' farm??? Apparently.

The funny thing was when I finished my rant about "Who is going to take care of these? Where will they live when they get big and not so cute??". Mom said "Well, do you have some place to put them for now?" and I said "Yes. I'll have to drag that other aquarium out of the shed." Benjamin said "NOOOO!!!! LISA!!!! THEY CAN'T SWIM!!!"

For those keeping track at home, the pet count is now:

1 dog - not a dachshund : (
1 cat - AKA baby rabbit killer
2 cockatiels
1 guinea pig
1 rabbit
1 10 gallon tank of tropical fish
1 10 gallon tank of goldfish
3 chickens.

This is not a farm. It's a zoo!

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Aunt Rose:

I always thought that the Good Lord and Ron gave me all the pets I needed in life when I got the KIDS!!!!
That is untill I got to know you and you are special.
Love you Aunt Rose

The getting up early--you do take after me more and more--I always loved waking up early--it gave me time to do what I wanted to do.