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If you want rain...

Just say the words "we're gonna pour concrete" and it will flood. We were supposed to get backfill for our new garage on Saturday morning and the concrete was coming Tuesday. When I went to bed Friday night, the rain chance overnight was 20%. Instead, all hell broke loose around the state.

Thanks to everyone who called or emailed to check on us. The tornadoes were a couple of hours north of here thankfully. We just got the thunderstorms. I see this morning we are under a flood watch with locally heavy rains expected again today. It's almost funny because when the city showed up to approve our garage location, the guy said "Boy, we can't even buy a rain, can we?" A few nights later when they finished the concrete forms, the rain came and won't go away now.

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You had tornadoes? Shit, stop that!

I just realized after reading news that this might be near you - whew. Do you have a basement???


Good flippin' grief!

I think I'll stick to earthquakes...