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What do you do when you can't sleep?

I've been seeing lots of media reference to the "lazy days of summer" and I wonder, do adults get that? I can't even get lazy nights. I crawl into bed just exhausted and as soon as my head hits the pillow, my brain finally engages and it will not stop. I've tried relaxation breathing, reading a book, taking a sleep aid, etc. It's getting hard to function which is frustrating and in turn feeds the problem.

I found a website about early menopause; more specifically, the insomnia that can accompany it. I have tried all of the tips listed there except the put on socks suggestion. I dont like socks when I'm awake let alone when I'm sleeping.

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Aunt Rose:

Dearest Lisa--
I have found that I was having a hard time sleeping when I ate my heavy meal in the eve.
I would not eat breakfast and a light lunch and then come eve. I was starved. Also had to cook for the men in the family so it was the largest meal of the day.
Try eating earlier in the day and just a light snack in the eve.
Love You Aunt Rose


In my humble opinion, I think it's stress.


Have you tried melantonin as a supplement? It's helped me (ignore the post time on this comment *g*).

Tequila. Or wild monkey sex.
Or both. :-D