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For the last two weeks, whenever I look at a clock the time will be something noticeable like 11:11 or 12:12. Not just a couple of times a day but more than a dozen times. It's getting freaky.

We had severe thunderstorms that started right as we went to bed. I looked at the clock as they were stopping to see how many hours of sleep I might get. 3:33AM. Of course that's too close to insomniac time for me to actually fall asleep so I flopped around, trying to find a comfortable position. Finally gave up and got up. Time: 4:32AM. Just looked at my computer clock to see if it's time for Todd's alarm to go off. 4:44AM

Cue the Twilight Zone music....

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Hey, as long as you're not getting a "404" when you look at the clock...

a body pillow? one of those big pillows that you curl up with? would that help? and what is going on in your head at 4.30am? really.. what are you thinking about as you pop up? and now that you've gotten yourself on this early schedule your body nearly expects it.. anyway to break the cycle? just some thoughts my friend..


And I hope it's not 4:20 either! wink wink! Just kidding of course.

That time thing always happens to me, too. It's always "7:19" - which is weird 'cause that's the time one of my kids was born.

I suffer some insomnia too :( Frustrating huh?
Pat thinks you Rock! And I agree!

Interesting... that's good info to know.