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Almost time for school

In lieu of anything meaningful on my mind this morning, let me just say how much it sucks that summer is coming to a close and school starts next week. C. finally got his actual braces yesterday and a new pair of shoes for school that fit me! Summer is gone and my baby is growing up. I don't know how I miss so much time. I sure don't sleep through any of it.

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We'll both echo you from here, Lisa!

(so will Daniel about the braces...)

My A. will be getting her braces off in 6 weeks. We found out yesterday after wearing them for 3 years. I told the ortho I wasnt ready for him to take them off and he could leave them on for bit longer if he liked..lol. I have been really bothered by it and realized its the whole closing of a big milestone thing for me, really her first big thing from beginning to middle to end. She went to her 1st Prom last May, and I am realizing the child-women transitons and milestones are well underway.

She needs to keep the braces on. Makes her look younger. Yes, braces till she is 23.

shoes your size??? oh my. that child is growing up. whoah. *hug*