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More storms!!

We're all okay but holy crap!! was I ever scared last night. I have perfected my calm mother mode when it's storming. The last two, maybe even three summers I've remained calm and stuck to my mantra "It's okay baby. Just a little wind. Go back to bed." Last night that was replaced with "Holy shit! Get out of your room and shut the door!!" C's room is the only room with west windows and in his room I could feel the pressure like they were about to blow out.

Todd was sound asleep and I was just locking up the doors when the air changed. People who have been in these storms will know what I mean. It's an ear popping, skin tingling, pressure change where the whole world goes quiet for a second or two. Then BAM!! Wind and rain and hail and more wind and roaring and crap sailing through the air. Ugh!! Hate it. Cannot remain calm when it feels like the house will blow apart.

Finally was able to wake Todd up but by then the worst was over. Don't think he believed me when I told him how bad it had been minutes before. It was dark when he left for work this morning so he didn't get to see it but heard it about it at work from people who saw our town on the news. One neighbor has a tree on the garage, another has a boat under a tree and one had a tree on her house. It was a total mess and nearly noon today before people could really navigate around to see what was still standing.

Anyway, of course I took some pics. It was hard to get many because I still had to work all day and it was a trick to get around most parts of town before that. After work most of the worst of it had been cut up and stacked like we'd had a city wide tree trimming contest. Saw a few cars smashed flat due to bad parking decisions. How much would that suck to get up and see your car under a tree?

At any rate, the thunder is rolling around again tonight so think I'll breeze off to bed and maybe get some sleep.