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Is it November yet?

When I worked at the group home we would allow the kids to gather in the dining room and talk after school. It would soon become a steady hum that got louder and louder until all ten kids were talking at once. When the hum got too loud, no one could understand what the other was saying. It wasn't conversation anymore; it was just loud, obnoxious noise. When it hit that point we'd yell "NOISE LEVEL!!!". Everyone had to fall silent and stay that way for ten minutes. God, how I wish I could do that now. I could sure use a noise level break.

Supporters of both political parties are making loud, obnoxious noise that really has nothing to do with the facts at hand. It's just a deafening roar that has turned most of us in the middle off of the process altogether. I think the undecideds will vote for whichever party has irritated them the least. That's not how it's supposed to work. Can we all take a ten minute break and refocus? Concentrate on the here and now and your candidates plan for my future and then convince me who I should vote for.

Thank you.

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My favorite bumper sticker:
"Don't vote... It only encourages them"