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I have so much to do today and can't get started since everyone is still in bed except me. If I were my mother, I'd run a vacuum until everyone was up and out. I'm not my mom so I'll drop some things here to keep myself occupied.

First on my mind, Al talks about his vote and ponders the Presidents health. Al is always thinking about something that I wouldn't give a second thought to.

Yesterday we took 380 pounds of junk to the landfill. It would have been much more if I had cleaned the old garage. Todd likes to hang onto things whereas I'd love to get rid of almost everything. Most everything I have is a hand me down or something someone else has gave me. Maybe I'll have a big sale in the spring. Maybe Hell will freeze over.

Also yesterday, my oven quit again. It's 15 years old and every so often the ignitor will quit. A hundred bucks or so will fix it but at what point is it time to say screw it and just get a new appliance? I'm sure it will just get fixed again as it never quits when I actually have money. That'd be too handy.

For the locals who have been asking me, C's stepmother gave birth to a baby boy yesterday. I had rehearsed my reaction in my head a dozen times but blew it on the live stage. C. was very excited and couldn't wait to tell me as I knew he would be. I fully intended to say "Congratulations on being a big brother." What I said instead was "Don't care. Tell Emily about it if you want to share." Yup, blew it big time. I did apologize to him later but I wonder if I will ever be able to put the bad feelings behind me. The loathing always seeps out at the worst moments. At least I'm not one of those parents who constantly badmouths the other but still, I should do better.