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Have I mentioned my dislike for homophobes?

Cross dressing for school homecoming week has homosexual overtones? Are you kidding me???

I was going to write about how wonderful it was this past week to see not just one, but two of my cousins who are in the military. Right now all I can think about are the poor children who are being raised by parents who think like the above article.

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Thinking its nasty isn't the same as being afraid. Phobia is a fear.

I think people who take a dump on each other are nasty too.........I guess I'm a TurdoPhob


hmmmm... PB, if it were just nasty, why would someone raise such a fuss that they cause a change in the plans? It IS fear. They are afraid that cross dressing in even the most harmless situation will lead to homosexuality. Hence my use of the term homophobe.

And for what it's worth, I happen to know you ARE a turdophobe. Don't run from your fears. Accept them and embrace them.