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Anyone else hate Sunday mornings?

I've been up since 6 something. Todd is still in bed so I have to be still. I do not do that well. Up until my late 20s I could sleep til noon then sit on the couch all day if I had nothing to do. Now my on/off switch is stuck to ON and it kills me to respect someone else's right to rest and relax. Get up dammit!!! Get up and be miserable!!!

This four day weekend went by way too fast, didn't it?

Todd had to work Thanksgiving so my family went to a little cafe and had turkey dinner buffet style. Not too bad. Friday I wasted the entire afternoon with the cable guy. Trying to get a little maintenance in on a day off so the boss doesn't come off the spool if I'm offline. Unfortunately, they were unable to fix it since the more knowledgable techs were off on a long weekend. We'll have to deal with sporadic problems and maybe some more downtime until tomorrow. Joy.

Yesterday we grabbed Ben & Em and went to Todd's sisters. Left the kids with her for a bit and trekked to a gunshow. I joked that they might not let a liberal woman in the doors but Todd said I'd be okay if I kept my tattoos covered. HA! He so funny. Let me tell ya, that experience reinforces my belief in gun control. There were a lot of people there who were scary enough looking without a firearm. There was one in particular that caused me to remark outloud, "God, I hope he's not buying."

We saw the Jolly Holiday Lights display. The kids seemed to love it and I got some good pictures I hope. Todd could care less about the holidays. He's turned into an old grump. That's what happens when you cater to consumerism and your money runs dry. Life suddenly sucks the hind tit when you can't buy, buy, buy. I've learned to just not look and then I don't want.

In other happy news, our toilet is leaking in a new spot now. Oh the joys of home ownership. At least we are together, our kids are healthy, we are warm and our bellies are full. Let's not talk about how full, okay?? Okay.

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cool lights display. ;-)

have thought about chucking the whole family dinner thing for a buffet style - so far it hasn't happened. ;-) Glad you had a good day.