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No comments, a rabbit tale and a retainer

I am taking a break from dusting (something I hate!!) to update those of you who get worried when I don't post for awhile.

First, I broke my own comments when I got too busy with work and the holidays to clean the spam from them. I have to decide how to proceed from here. I can pay to upgrade my MT and utilize the new antispam features or I can take time to install something totally new. I will probably pay to upgrade MT because I surely do not have extra time lying around. Now for the rabbit story....

Everything in this house runs on a pretty tight schedule and even though I work from home, I adhere to a strict break and lunch time schedule as if I were in an office. Thankfully, my time got adjusted a bit last week. We had a conference call scheduled for my normal lunch time so I backed up my lunch by an hour.

When I go to the kitchen to fix lunch, I peck on the window and yell "Hey Cheeky Buns!" to the rabbit outside. When I did that on Weds, all I could see in the rabbit cage was black fur. There were two black dogs out there and one was IN the rabbit cage, gnawing on the rabbit. We were having a snowstorm so school was cancelled. Thank God because when I yelled "SHIT!!!!!", the boy came running from the back of the house to see what was going on.

It occurred to me for a split second that I might get hurt but I quickly dismissed that, grabbed the broom and jumped into Todd's big boots that were by the back door. I was so furious and scared and sick that I reached in and flung the dog out, scooped up the rabbit and turned towards the house. It all happened so fast but I know I applied the big Todd boot a few times as I made my way back. Both dogs kept jumping on me as if I had a t-bone steak in my hands.

The rabbit was totally limp with it's eyes rolled to where all that was showing was the whites. I handed the rabbit off to Christopher and told him to take it to the bathroom and put it in towels in the bathtub and I returned to deal with the dogs. In this process, Dozer got out and was engaging in a turf war and dummy me reached in the middle of three big dogs to pull my dog out. How I made it through all of this without serious injury is a testament to God's existence.

To shorten this long story: the dogs went with our new police chief (congrats Andy!!) and I came back to deal with the Bunzer. He was in serious shock. Rightfully so after being mauled by a dog. He didnt have any visible wounds other than the wet fur and some fur chunks missing. Christopher and I took turns through the day petting him and assuring him he was going to be fine. The first ten hours were bad. He just laid limp and panting and I was sure he'd die. Todd came home and predicted he'd be dead by morning anyway. Luckily, three days later, he is still alive and is eating and drinking again now. The next big question is how to get him back outside and keep him safe. I love him dearly but rabbits stink and I do not want him living in here full time. Blech.

Now, this retainer thing is bugging me to death. C. got his braces off temporarily a couple of days before Christmas. His retainer will hold the placement while the rest of his teeth come in then we'll go back for round two of braces. I cannot tell you how much I hate that retainer. He makes gawd awful disgusting noises with it. I have to constantly tell him to stop messing with it before it becomes a habit. I think I am going to develop of habit of griping about it.

Anyway, it comes with a wonderful case to keep it in while eating. He complains that the case makes it taste funny or smell funny or something. I do not care about this. I do not want to see it ever so it had better be in his mouth or in that case. No other place is acceptable. So the other night he says to me "Mom, I can't find my retainer." I said "Oh you sure can. It's one of two places - in your mouth or in that case." He says nope, he took it out to eat doritos and just laid it down somewhere.

We were fixing our plates for supper so he tried to tell me it was okay since he was ready to take it again to eat anyway. Oh nosireebob. Find it. NOW! So he goes to look around again and as he is leaving the kitchen, he says "I was sure I put it right there on the counter somewhere." This also happened to be the exact moment I put my hand into the bread sack and guess what's on the bread sack. There is no way you can guess this wrong.......


Stuck to the top of the bread sack. I am pretty sure the whole town heard me yell. The really funny part is that Todd is so particular about the kids and their germs. It's a joke around here to try and get Todd to eat off a kids plate or take a drink after they have. I think he's convinced they are made of cooties. Of course Todd had already gotten his bread from the sack. Even though the retainer was on the sack and never touched the bread, the look on his face was priceless. The place where he told Christopher to look for that retainer the next time it was missing... hahahahahaha... seems like a perfect spot to me! A handy, built-in orifice that would surely make the retainer taste funny and smell.