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Let 'em rip!

I got up early this morning to do some work and Ben got up with me. That pretty much put an end to the work idea but I have learned a lot. In a span of about ten minutes we covered the following:

  1. He counted the pets in this house. Six - not counting the two fish tanks - and he loves them all except the birds are pretty noisy.
  2. He's quite convinced Em is going to kill him when they get home because he accidentally stepped on her Shania Twain CD case and broke it.
  3. He thinks Dozer looks like a cop dog because he's big and brown and black.
  4. Shadow needs CatTV from the computer because it teaches cats stuff like how to eat with chopsticks.
  5. On channel 24 there was a thing about farts. Everyone farts. Even cats but cats are silent farters so you can't even hear them but you can sure smell them. And the guy who did this program said "Be sure to know your farts and let 'em rip!"
  6. Some cats can exercise. On this one thing this cat did this thing called a cat wedgie and also cat tae bo.

Like I said, I'm getting no work done but this is much more fun. He is still sitting here jabbering away about Em's cat and how she likes tuna and tuna is healthy and this guy on Batman, when he sees a dead fish, he goes like this and eats the whole thing...

Last night Emily and I went to the girls basketball games with my friends Lori and Steve. I haven't been to a ballgame in a very long time and had forgotten how fast paced a live game was. I had promised not to yell, scream and gesture so I just sat and pulled my scarf until it was stretched. Very exciting stuff! Made me want to smoke though.

As always, when I leave my bubble and go out into the world, there are aggravations that set me on edge. Could someone explain to me why there are no JV cheerleaders? Or why the varsity cheerleaders, who were sitting on the sidelines during the varsity game, couldn't/wouldn't cheer? I would think they'd better serve their duties if they'd put down the cellphone, disengage from the boyfriend, and ... oh, I think I'll just shut up before I offend some parent who comes here and reads this page. I'll just say that school spirit amongst the kids is not how it was when I was young. I feel so old when I say crap like that but really. Is it too much to ask that you actually seem interested in the US flag during the National Anthem instead of in kicking the foot of the cheerleader in front of you and giggling wildly? I'm going to go way out on a limb and sound just like my mother here but if that were my daughter, I'd have gone to the gym floor, in front of God and everybody, and taken her home. Of course this attitude is why Lori says C. will be telling his therapist about me in the years to come. HA!

In closing I'm just going to say that those girls get out there and bust their asses... sometimes literally... to put on a good show so the least we can do as a spectator is show a little appreciation. The cheerleaders did get their act together when their sponsor sat down near them.

Well, the rest of the house is slowly coming to life so guess I'll go start breakfast.

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Amen, sistah!

whoever, btw, said that basketball is a non-contact sport has NEVER watched girls basketball. My oldest (soon to be 35) daughter played and in one game she was fouled and had her nose bloodied. She was sssssoooooooooooo ticked that she came out - got the tying basket AND the winning basket.

oh, and this was a Christian school team, too! (sigh) ;-)) you're right - they are great fun - very exciting - and snippy little varsity cheerleaders should be smacked sometimes. ;-)

with that said, I'm off to take the talker* shopping. (*said oldest daughter's youngest daughter)