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Thank God it's almost Friday

This week has been terribly long and I've been fighting off some kind of illness all week. So far I am winning the battle against the germs but may lose soon since I was in Germ Central for parent/teacher conferences tonight. I swear, almost everyone there was in some state of illness. C's teacher said she'd had about six kids absent each day this week.

About a block's worth of our town burned this afternoon
. The apartment mentioned in the news story belonged to C's friend as did the dog who died. The boys hung out here for awhile this evening and I have to say, the kid's a tough one. I suspect it will hit him hard later when he's had some time to think about exactly what he lost.

Before his friend got here, C. said "Mom, it's like go to school and come home to find everything gone. Just everything." and the thought of that alone made him tear up. I guess a couple of the other boys from their class cried too. C's class is made up of this core group of boys who have been together since preschool. They're tight and I'm glad for that at a time like this. It's a lot for kids at that age to comprehend. Heck, it's a lot for me to comprehend. I wish I could do something for the mom as I can imagine it's just devastating to lose it all. This town is good at pulling together so the main material possessions will be replaced quickly I'm sure but there's so much more that can't be. Most importantly, that sense of safety ... like things that only happen to other people suddenly happened to you. Ugh.