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Good friends, tacos, and tornadoes

What a fun day today turned out to be. We were supposed to be at a ball tournament all day but it was cancelled due to rain. Ended up with some of the kids' friends over and some of our friends over. Made tacos for 11 people and just had a really good time. I love it when our house is full of happy people. Todd likes quiet but after all these years he's getting used to my philosophy of the more, the merrier. When all the kids were around the table tonight, I asked him if it'd be cool to have a bunch of foster kids and have the table filled with kids like that every night. Even all the kids thought that was a crappy idea. heh.

Took this picture which would've been really nice if not for using my camera phone instead of my real camera. I knew if I got up and got the real camera, people would scatter. Yay for smiling people no matter how blurry. (no, I'm not drunk. I just like happiness, ok?!)

As we were eating, all the cellphones started ringing and the house phone was ringing with people calling to tell us that a tornado was headed our way. Oh great. And I couldn't even do my usual freakout because of all the kids present. It ended up blowing over with just some wicked hail and lots of rain. They did blow the tornado sirens two different times. Hate those things. From the sounds of it we are in for nasty weather all night. So much for sleep.