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Life is a journey

I wish I had time to write in great detail here and get it all out of my head but I don't. It's been a week filled with sadness, anger, gratitude, hopefulness, fear, pride, and joy. The short version:

Jen was buried on Saturday. Due to financial and time constraints, we were not able to attend and for this I am deeply saddened. I have left a lot of family matters in the dust of my busy life but this was one time when I should've been able to put on the brakes and be there for those who need me.

I cannot discuss the anger here or anywhere actually. I can only pray that I am able to manage it in the best way that I can until the drama is over.

C's babysitter has not left for Brazil yet as her Visa has not arrived. While she is disappointed, this is a good thing as it gives us time to wrap up the financial matters for her. We still lack $300 emergency money that she is supposed to carry with her so there is still time if you weren't able to donate before.

One of my closest friends is waiting on the arrival of his first baby. I waited over ten years for him to find the perfect woman without much agony but this last week of her pregnancy is killing me.

His brother is serving in Iraq and will be for several more months. With the uptick in the US casualities, this is causing me to have actual panic attacks when I read that we've been ambushed again.

Little Ben had tubes put in his ears and tonsils and adenoids removed a week and a half ago. I was fortunate enough to be able to spend the day with him before, during and after his surgery. He was such a trooper. I'm thankful that it's finally behind us and that he is fine.

Finally, this weekend my "other" daughter gets married. Fear and joy. Weddings are always joyous occasions but the fear is overwhelming for the hobbyist photographer taking the pictures. That'd be me. Despite months of pleading my case and her parents trying to find someone more suitable to the job, she insists that I will take her wedding photos. I am honored beyond words that she trusts me that much but holy crap... anyone have tips on taking good photos in less than ideal lighting conditions?

P.S. I hope I'm not the only one who cries a little when the shuttle lands safely.