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First Day of School

First day of school and I'm the one who couldn't sleep. I took yesterday off to spend one last day with the kids. We had planned to hang out at the pool but it was too cold so we went to Des Moines and ran around in the mall. I should've slept like a baby but I doubt I got even an hour sleep last night. I think my head is still reeling from the fact that it took $53 to fill the truck even though it already had a quarter tank of gas. We won't be able to survive long at that rate. Anyway, gotta tell a funny story...

For years I've wanted a VS bra but have never had the courage to be fitted nor have I wanted to spend that much money on such a stupid thing. Yesterday I got up the courage to be fitted and to my surprise, I've been buying the right size all along. Whew. What a relief that is. /sarcasm.

Going into Victoria's with Ben is highly recommended. Last time we ventured in with all the kids in tow and Ben immediately looked up under the nightie of a mannequin and said "Dad! You gotta see this! She has nothing on under here!" Todd about died on the spot, of course. Yesterday was no different. We walked in and he's checking out the mannequin's attire. Eva pointed this out to me and I said "Just ignore him. It's what he does and if you don't pay attention, he'll stop." I rushed off to a fitting room before I chickened out yet again.

Sorry, but there's just something in my brain that tells me getting professionally fitted for a bra is wrong. Anyway, I'm in the fitting room with a box full of overpriced bras when I hear this TAP, TAP, TAP on the door. It's Eva whispering "Are you in this one? Ben just broke a butt." Now normally I also have a thing against other females in a changing room with me but I let her right in so I could A.) hide her in there with me and B.) hear the details.

It seems that someone stuck a penny into one of the clear butts that model panties. If you've not seen one of the clear butts, then you are missing out. They are just that... molded plastic butts that you can see through and they line them up atop the panty bins to model the various selections. So, there's a penny in the butt and Ben says "That's not supposed to be there" and proceeds to fish around in the thong to try and remove the penny. Butt falls from it's perch atop the panty bin and breaks. Part of me is glad I was tucked away in the back of the store but another part wishes I'd have been there to see it. Later, I'm telling my "other mother" about it and she said "Ha! No big deal. It already had a crack in it!" Comedy gold.

I almost fell onto my own butt as we were walking out past the checkout and I heard the cashier say "That'll be $198 today." Whatever it was fit into a very small bag. One of the bras I tried on was $55 so I guess maybe she bought three or four bras. That is ridiculous. Hanes Her Way. Ten bucks tops. That's where it's at.

Bargain of the day scored by Ben. Old Navy sunglasses for 97 cents.

I'd like to tell you about the work call I took on my cellphone while trying to have a pleasant day with my children. Unfortunately, you'll have to miss a great story as I do not talk about my job here and if I did type it all out, I'd end up outraged all over again. Some professionals should not be allowed to speak to others.