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Happy Birthday Benjalina!

Benjamin turned 7 today. Unbelievable how fast time is rushing by. It wasn't our weekend to have him but thankfully his mom obliged when I called her and let us take the kids to an early lunch in honor of the special day. He had a ten dollar check to put in the bank when we picked him up and then got the annual gold birthday dollar when we went to make his deposit. My mom gave him another ten bucks at lunch. Kid's birthdays are so awesome. Too bad we get out of the habit of birthday fun when we get old.

For our fun today, we ripped out the old orange/brown/green striped carpet in Emily's room and cleaned up the wood floor under that. It looks great but I wonder if we'll be able to keep it bare. I'm afraid it might be pretty cold when the temperature dips.

We also went to a wedding this evening. It was beautiful and I'm glad we took a break to be part of it. It's nice to see another one of "my kids" settle down with a wonderful partner and start a new life.

Bonus fun: a gallery of the new pup, Lucy. The first pic is from the day we got her back in July. I asked Todd to pick her up to re-enact the sleeping baby pose. Didn't work real well but did make me laugh so hard. She was 11 pounds the day we got her and a tiny little thing. Now she is about 40 pounds of long, long legs. I've been working with her to get her ready to hunt birds this fall and she's doing awesome. If I throw out three frisbees at once, she will mark where they went and bring them back one by one. She also does cute little things like sits on Dozer's neck and looks at his face between her front legs. I need to get a picture of that, too.

Monday is a big day so if you believe in prayer, say one for us that we all get the resolution that we need and that it is fair to everyone involved.