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Why is winter so busy??

The days are shorter yet the work is longer. Makes no sense. Nothing other than a whole lot of hurrying, scurrying and rushing going on around here. Christopher has started wrestling, Em has started basketball, Todd and Lucy are hunting all the time and I'm just in the office, the kitchen or the laundry room if I'm not at the school gym.

December will be so busy with basketball games, wrestling tournaments, and Christmas programs. Emily and I go support the high school girls team as if Eva were still here. Now we just focus on her best friend instead. Sure do miss that aggressiveness that Eva has though. The other night I was talking to her online while checking the stats for last year. I said "Honey, I am so proud of you! You led your team in something.... personal fouls!" hahahaha I thought it was pretty funny but she didn't.

We have not begun any sort of Christmas activity here yet. No tree up or lights, no presents bought. Looks like it will be another year where everything is hurried. I just hate that. Would rather skip it altogether than stress over it. I know that's not nice when there are three kids involved but really, aren't the holidays for relaxing?