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My poor car

Those of you reading for a long time probably remember my dream car that I bought over five years ago. Oh how I love that car. It's in the shop right now with a bad cam positioner sensor and a bad something something brake sensor and leaky transmission cooler lines. I renewed the extended warranty on it, thank God, but it's still gonna take close to $400 out of pocket to fix it. It will be worth it but it was a very, very bad idea to take it in to the dealer before Christmas.

The first loaner car the dealer gave me was a 97 Sable and it was such a heap. It poured antifreeze all over the ground so took it back and got a 98 Olds Cutlass. It was probably a nice car 100,000 miles ago but now it's just tired and all lit up with check engine light and some other light. The CV joints pop and crack and it makes really interesting noises in reverse. I'll be glad to get my own back.

We got a lot of snow overnight tonight so there was no school today. I was disappointed as C. was to have his first wrestling meet of the year tonight and it was cancelled as well. I had arranged to get off work early and I don't know that I'll be able to pull that off again. All of his meets are at 4:30 and most of them are some distance away. I should've been a nurse so I could have a 7 to 3 shift somewhere.

Oh yeah, the snow. Makes me deliriously happy but this record cold is not even fun. The other morning I let the dogs out about 6AM and my hands were wet from dish water. Froze a hand to the door knob. Ouch!