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I wish I had something intelligent to say

but I don't. I am getting very tired again. A couple of weeks ago I was so tired that I was doing really, really dumb stuff. One morning I was washing the big picture window and it was streaking so bad. I was on the phone with my brother at the same time and I said something about the damn windex not working. He asked if I was sure I was using windex and I said of course I was. Well, I wasn't. I was washing the window with the dog's allergy spray. $30 bucks a bottle and it doesn't even do windows! What a ripoff!

On the good news front, Christopher had his very first win at wrestling last week. Pinned his guy. I was so proud but he didnt seem as thrilled as I thought. I asked him later and he said he didn't want to seem too cocky. Thatta boy. Yesterday he pinned one and lost two. I am just so happy he's getting some wins. Will do wonders for his confidence and his drive.

On a personal note: Aunt Rose, if you read this, do you have a crotchet or knit pattern for fingerless gloves or wrist warmers? I think a pair would be great for keeping my hands warm while still leaving my fingers free to type. Some days my hands are like ice all day long.