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to whom it may concern

(I hate these types of posts but they are necessary from time to time)

It is no one's business why I was at school today but since it seems there is now a rumor going around that C. was kicked out, I will fill you nosey people in.

*I* went to school on my own. *I* pulled C. out of his class to talk to the guidance counselor. No one knew I was coming. I go for the shock value, ya know? Anyway, he's never been a behavioral problem kinda kid and if luck holds, he never will be. He is irresponsible and because I care what my kids are doing, I can and will take action immediately if I see they need help.

We made a plan for getting his assignments from his locker to his classrooms. Not near the drama you thought but things in our life rarely are all you'd hoped for. Thanks for the time under the microscope and as usual, there is nothing to see here so move along.

Oh, if you're interested, the rest of our family is doing great as well. Ben is doing fine in school, Emily is rocking out at basketball, Todd and I are still nose to the grindstone to make ends meet. See, boring. Sorry.