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First the dog, now the kid

Now C. is really sick. Took him to the doctor yesterday and am to keep him home the rest of the week. He was sick Monday but recovered in the afternoon and was fine Tuesday. Tuesday night (why do kids always get sick in the middle of the night??) he was really sick and yesterday he could barely get around. Just checked on him and he still looks and sounds bad. I can't afford to be sick so I've been washing my hands and using GermX and disinfecting with clorox wipes to the point my fingers are cracked and bleeding. Fun times!

I would like a vacation where no one talks to me or adds to my to-do lists for a week so I can get caught up. Laundry is backed up, supplies are running out, bills are unpaid. blah. I need an assistant and a second job to pay him/her.

Ah well, we had our last big spring snow and the tulips are coming up. Spring will soon be here and basketball practices will be replaced with baseball. Scraping frost for ten minutes in the morning will be replaced with watering the garden. Always too little time in a day it seems but I'd fight for this life if someone tried to take it.

Reminds me of a column I've meant to link to. Rob Borsellino, a columnist with the Des Moines Register, has ALS/Lou Gehrigs and it's hitting him hard and fast. He occasionally writes about in his opinion piece such as he did in my favorite, Despite sickness, life seems worth staying around for . If you haven't read it, you should take a few minutes and do so.