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This makes me CrAzY!

1 in 5 parents believe their children are online too much? Gee, I wonder who will resolve this problem for them?

Due to my job, we have a lot of computers in this house. All of them are connected to the internet. I am on the computer at least 9 hours per day. The kids are on the computer less than 9 hours a month. They are not allowed to use instant messenger or have myspace. Emily has a fotolog site that is rarely used and always monitored. Christopher gets online to look up the occasional cheat code. Ben never gets on. Emily could be an ebay-aholic but no one lets her.

I'm pretty sure if we had just given them unlimited access to the computer, 1 out of 3 of them might be shut up in a bedroom playing games into the night and fighting on myspace. As is the case with everything related to children, it's all about enforcing boundaries and parental responsibility.