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The toe that broke the bank

C's toe is going under the knife Thursday for cleaning and pinning. Details for the not-so-squeamish follow:

It broke on the growth plate and took a chip out. It's lined up horizontally but vertically there is a bone chip causing a big gap on the top side. They will put him under general anethesia, make a slit down the side, clean it out and then put pins through the top.

This is the part that grosses me out. They will pull the pins out in a few weeks IN THE OFFICE!!! OUCH!!

Sunday night I was hit with the stomach flu and a fever. All day yesterday was spent on the couch and last night the pain got so bad that I could only cry. Poor Todd was trying to be helpful but there really wasn't anything that could be done. I get period cramps from hell and had those going too. When it rains, it pours! I couldn't take anything for pain because my stomach wouldn't even hold water. It was a miserable 24 hours but I'm winning the war I think.

Say a prayer for my baby Thursday. He's pretty freaked out about having to be put under.