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Who is to blame for the dirty Walmarts?

I was reading this post and I find I just can't let it go. I don't know about the rest of the country but speaking of what I do know, the Walmarts around Iowa directly reflect the neighborhoods that surround them. The Walmart in the poorest area is not only dirty, it's scary. I went once and noted that the number of shoes on the floor in the shoe department far outnumbered the shoes actually in their boxes on the rack. The second time I went there, a man actually grabbed my crotch from behind as he walked past. Never went again.

One went up in the newest part of Des Moines' suburbs and had to clear a ton of opposition first. The developers and residents of the area did not want a Walmart going up in the midst of the high end stores. Walmart agreed to make the store blend in well architectually (sp?) with it's surroundings and they did a bang up job of that. If not for that hideous sign, you'd never know that's what it was. You can read the official press release here.

The inside is very clean and the employees seem happy to help. Important to also note that the shoppers spending their money inside are also different. I call them "foo foo folks". They aren't very friendly and they dress pretty fancy for a Walmart run, but they don't throw stuff down and expect someone to pick it up for them.

I am sure that there are some lazy Walmart employees and I bet some managers could care less if the bins stay organized but I'd wager my money on it being more the customers than the employees.