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Contacts or glasses?

When basketball started again, I realized how bad my vision had become. Last season I couldn't make out faces on the opposite side of the court. This year I couldn't see the ball well when it was at the other end of the court from me and had to ask those near me to give me play by play. I finally broke down and went for an exam and my vision had deteriorated a lot.

The doc asked me if I'd like contact lenses and I wasn't prepared to answer that. Last I knew, if you had a stigmatism, you couldn't wear contacts. Also, I was not crazy about sticking something in my eye. Now as I learn to loathe my glasses, I'm rethinking having a contact exam. I had no idea on the price but figured they must not be too high nowadays if they'd give away a months worth.

Discount contact lenses has all kinds to choose from. I had no idea you could get bifocal contacts! I am so uneducated so have spent some time on this site learning about costs and use. I am confused by the number of lenses per box. Six lenses per box - is that six lenses total / three pairs or six pairs of lenses? That could make quite a difference in the cost. I think I would want conventional lenses rather than disposables.

Ewww, as I browse around through the accessories.... http://www.discountcontactlenses.com/da.asp?ID=45 Inserter/Remover? You poke that in your eye??? Good lord. I won't be getting any kind that could need pulled off my eye with that! I remember my mom would just touch hers with her fingertip and it would stick to her finger. She had hard lenses though. I broke one once while checking to see if it was hard or soft. Ooops.

My mom had eye surgery and I don't think she wears contacts at all anymore. Gonna have to let her know that they have really cute reading glasses. Nice site if you need contact lenses or supplies.