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How dry I am

Brooke wrote about her new life in the desert and how dry her skin is getting. Every single day I tell my mom how much I value our humidifier and try to tell her to get one. It's amazing how much better we feel and how much better shape our skin is in because we run one all winter long. I've gotten to where I can tell pretty quickly when ours is out of water. My nose will start to dry out and burn. The funny way to tell is reach down and give Lucy a love pat that results in a big ZAP! on her nose.

I've been thinking about saving for a whole house/furnace mounted humidifier for next year. Our current model takes wick type filters that have to be changed a couple of times per season. They aren't cheap either!

Humidifier Information compares the different types. Every impeller type I've had has not lasted very long but maybe it's just the brand. Our current one is a Honeywell and it's lasted a few years now. We had to do a repair job last year as Lucy slammed into it and cracked one of the reservoirs. Other than that and the filter expense, it's been a good one.