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Millionaires date online?

Millionaire Dating? Are there really millionaires who haven't been snatched up already? I suppose there are probably some computer geeks who've made lots of money and don't get away from the computer long enough to have a social life.

I think that site would be more interested if it only had single millionaires instead of thousands of men and women looking for a sugar daddy/momma. I wonder how many poor folk give up on trying to find money and hook up with each other on that millionaire site.

It's amazing to me how many lonely people there are in this world. One trend I've noticed is that too many women think they have to go the sexy route to get a man. Browse the photos and you'll see what I mean. Yuck! Ladies, don't do that.

I just found a guy claiming to make over 2.5 mil annually and describes his housing situation as "Can get a little crazy sometimes". Maybe it means he travels a lot.