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Watching this struggle of a game and reading about Soap Operas. I had no clue there was a soap called Ugly Betty. Is that a daytime thing?

I don't watch soaps anymore but I remember once my friend Robin was going to be gone and wanted me to watch Days of Our Lives for her. I swear to God, there was a scene with a woman and this baby and the woman said to the baby "You want another moon pie, Elvis?" or something like that. It was definitely a moon pie and definitely Elvis. I went to the cast page and don't see that lady or any boys named Elvis. I think that had to be over a decade ago so the baby is surely 40 or 50 by now. HA! Seriously, does anyone remember that?

I haven't watched any of *my* soaps for so long that I barely recognize the actors playing now but if you click a character in the character list, you can read their history and who played that character. I used to watch As the World Turns with my dad on his lunch hour when I was a little kid. He called it "watch the world go 'round". When Todd worked nights and was home days, we'd watch it on my lunch hour. Now my lunch is usually at my desk or I use it to do laundry or something. Watching hot soap guys sounds better,huh?