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Time Management

I complain a lot about how many things I have to do and the lack of time to do them. My boss bought me the Getting Things Done book but I never had time to read and absorb it. Now I am looking over this site on time management.

I found exactly what my problem is: Management by Crisis. As the article says, it is addictive. A lot of that can't be helped at my work but I have let that management style trickle into my home life.

I also have a huge problem saying no. Oh, and I have piles of notes on my desks that don't get purged into a permanent system. I need to take some time and read through the suggestions and get organized. Guess what? It won't be today for I am out of time!

Random thought on this day: Is there a man out there who would take his lady to a Rod Stewart concert? So far the consensus of all my man friends... and my man... is a big "Hell no!"