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Did you know?

I'm thinking of starting a new feature here called "Did you know?" In that space I would share things that I find out unintentionally. The first entry would go something like this:

Did you know that you can't wash construction paper? I found this out today when I was transferring clothes from the washer to the dryer. The first two items I pulled out were covered with a bright pink fuzzy film of some sort. The third item was covered with what seemed to be yarn fragments. I thought that kid had left something in his pockets again but the days of construction paper projects are way back in his past. I kept pulling out more and more gunked up clothing. Dark clothing, of course. Has to be dark to make it look worse than it is.

About halfway through the load, I realized what had happened. It was not the kid but rather his cat. Bucky. Now known as "that damn cat!!!!". He even looks ornery, doesn't he?


I have things from the kids in every room. The laundry room is no exception. Emily made a star thing from construction paper and glitter and her 1st grade picture. That is stuck to the cabinet so when I am loading the machines, I can see her cute face. I had a mobile hanging that Christopher made years ago out of construction paper and yarn. I don't even remember now which class it was or what was written on it but "that damn cat!!!" knocked it down and into the laundry pile, unbeknownst to me. Now I know that you cannot wash construction paper. This is the lint that came from the dryer on round one. I had to run it four times to get all the pink crap out.