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My growing body

Looking back over the pictures from last night and wondering where in the world did that belly come from. My mom thinks it's a gyno issue but I got out the fat calipers and they don't make excuses or lie. On the scale dealing solely with body fat content, I am "overfat". Not by just a smidgen but quite a bit actually and pretty much all of it is in my midsection.

When I discuss my weight, people assume I am speaking from a cosmetic standpoint. They say "Oh shut up! You are not fat! You look great!" While I appreciate the sentiment, the fact that I am carrying this new body weight in my belly is dangerous. Read "Belly Full of Danger" to see what I mean. Of course I can see in pictures that I am not proportioned in a weird way and it's not flattering but the main issue is that I want to live a long and healthy life. I don't want to fight diabetes and heart disease and so on.

I mentioned last week about a new site I found. It's called Spark People. (Be forewarned... if you use the nutrition tracker and enter a fast food outing, you will be shocked!) It's not a diet site so much as it's a lifestyle site. It addresses nutrition and fitness as well as overall life goals and being mentally fit. The handiest feature for me is the water tracker. I seldom get the sensation of thirst so it's not uncommon for me to go well past noon without a drink.

Last week I recorded a couple of normal days water consumption and a few days of trying to force myself up to the 8 glasses recommended. On the days where I didn't force it, I recorded 2 and 3 glasses respectively. Add a small cup of milk with dinner and that's my total fluid consumption on a normal day. I bet that's hell on my kidneys! On the days where I tried to force 8 glasses, I made it to 8 once and was up every hour all night visiting the bathroom. The other days I would shut off liquids by 8:30PM and I could only make it to 6 glasses.

Again, it's a time issue for me. How can I work my job, tend to my kids, keep my house clean, be of service to the community, work out an hour a day, eat six small meals, sleep 8 hours, drink 8 glasses of water and visit the bathroom the corresponding number of times and only have 24 hours to do all of this in? Anyone have the magic formula figured out yet? Please share if you do.