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I have taken a whole lot of flack for this latest attempt to be healthy. People don't get how I can take sugar out of my diet. No cookies, cakes, or desserts of any kind really. No more Pepsi. No chips or pretzels. I snack on carrots. Do I like it? Hell no! I like how I feel. I have to get up earlier and go to bed later to get all the exercise in but that's okay too. The sugar cravings have subsided now. I feel good and the tape says I've lost 3.5 here and there in the last 9 days.

Tonight I am pushing myself one step further. I am going to eat spinach with my supper. I hate spinach. It is #2 on my list. Right there behind sauerkraut. I'm going to make myself eat it because it's loaded with fiber and other good thing I needs. If people on Survivor can eat rotten fish, I can eat spinach. Only a quarter cup though. *shudder*

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No Pepsi? No Cheetos?

(Did they make you turn in your Geek License?)

Congratulations, by the way...

Aunt Rose:

Lisa--kraut--one of my favorite foods but have you tries the miracle soup. You can find it on the net.
A diet craze at one time and is filled with cooked cabbage and lots of good stuff--might find that easier to eat.

Was wondering how you and your h usband knew Josh Omvig? I'm his Aunt...btw thank you for recommending our site to others dealing with military PTSD problems....Julie