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Overdid it today for sure

I lifted weights as normal this morning. They wouldn't let me stay back with C. while they installed his hardware so I wandered around Walmart for over an hour. I wish I'd worn my pedometer to know how much walking I did in there. (boring!!) Tonight my friend Lori and I took her cute little puppy and walked the trail. Couple of miles or more there at a really good clip. My legs were about to give out since I was doing lunges when she called to say she was on her way.

I just entered my daily food into sparkpeople.com and I just barely have enough calories for today. The really bad thing is that, while still being in my goal ranges, I had too much fat and not enough protein and carbs. Tracking all of my habits makes it easy to pinpoint which things affect me which way. Tomorrow I will be a slug.

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thanks to you i started sparkpeople *ages* ago and i *loved* it. however, did i stick with it? nooo...because my job takes it all out of me and has me like a blue-arsed fly every day...can you please throw some of your energy and ability to do 48 hours worth in 24? ;-)