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Store Medical Info Online

Do they still make med alert bracelets? I haven't seen one for a long time. There is a sort of online version of this now with a new emergency card that stores all of your pertinent medical information online. The site leads you through the enrollment process and provides all the information you need to share with your doctor in order to facilitate getting your records online. The FAQ section of the site explains how to fax medical documents for inclusion in your online records and answers other questions. Pricing plans are shown. I hate websites that make you give out contact information before they will share their prices.

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thanks for reminding me to get a bracelet (and not only can you still get them, but you can get really fancy ones!). i'm not sure how comfortable i'd feel with my info online like that. also, who's to know that the er you go in uses the site? (i went into the er at thanksgiving and they were far too lax.)