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Why I tolerate him

I am moving this to below the fold for people like Faith who don't watch TV live anymore. (these people are weird. hahaha)

At the end of the Amazing Race, one of my favorite couples was eliminated. The husband said they would go home to their family and how she was the love of his life. She said "He loves me like no one else ever could". I looked at Todd and said "See!! That's what you should say! Sweet stuff like that!!!" He responded "Why would I say that to her? I don't even know that old lady!"

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Hey, missy, you need to post spolier warnings!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Some of us don't watch things live anymore.

She just said "one of her favourite couples". It could have been Eric and Danielle!

I liked Teri and Ian for the very same reason. He's absolutely bullheaded, but it's pretty clear that they're madly in love with each other. It's great.

Hey, you can watch the shows in 3/4 the time if you fast foward through all the commercials and crap. Plus The Boy has strange work hours.

Get with the new millenium, will ya! ;)

At least it wasn't a total spoiler because all I read was that it was a couple and in the end it was down to two couples. And I'm not so sorry to see them go, I prefer muchly the old couple from a few seasons ago.

And Todd is wicked funny.