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I recently marked my four year mark without a cigarette. It was a quiet celebration this year as no one remembered except me. I suppose that is good in a way since it surely means the family no longer remembers the struggles I had while quitting. The first and second anniversaries were pretty big deals because I didn't kill or maim anyone. Those first two years were pretty tough. I can honestly say now that I only think of smoking as something I am thankful I do not do.

My best friend recently went on a trip to Hawaii and her plane flight was miserable physically because she could not smoke. I am so thankful that I no longer have to plan my life around the time between cigarettes. One of my best online friends is struggling with her addiction and I pray that she can find her way to successful quitting. Hard battle but well worth it. C. belongs to JEL (Just Eliminate Lies), a large group of teens against big tobacco. So proud of him. Anyway, to those struggling or looking for inspiration to quit, just look around you and keep digging until you find your motivation.

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it feels good, doesn't it? Hubby has been off the cancer stick now for 14 years. I am extremely proud of you both!


Congratulations Lisa! If I recall, you stopped smoking about the time of my layoff. That has been quite a while now, and I DID find a job, so KEEP IT UP! ;-)