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40th Birthday

My 40th birthday is on April 13th and I wish all of my online friends could be here to celebrate with me. Fact is, there will probably not even be a celebration at all because I don't much care for birthdays. They are fun when you are little and get presents. Not so much when you are old.

Every year friends and family will ask what I want and every year I do not know. I mean, I do know but it seems silly to request something. Since this is 40 and it's BIG, I've decided to let you all know what I want and I hope you will do it. I have an Amazon wish list full of books I'd like to have but really, I can probably get those from the library.

What I'd really like is for people to donate to one of my favorite charities. My friends will remember that a former boyfriend lost his life to leukemia and how that broke my heart into a million bits. Our neighbors also lost a toddler son to leukemia. Every year on the old boyfriend's birthday, I give to the Leukemia Foundation. This is a very worthwhile cause that can use all the financial help they can get.

Another cause near and dear to my heart is the plight of youth in our country. I worked for several years as a resident counselor at Quakerdale and they accept donations in honor of others. You could donate to them in my honor and I would truly be honored.

Last month I lost an old friend to Huntington's Disease. Since I frequently am called to do computer work at the nursing home, I saw the devastating toll as this bastard of a disease turned a gorgeous, proud young woman into a shell of a human being. Perhaps a gift to the Huntington's Disease Society of America.

These are just three charities that mean something to me. Maybe there is an organization close to your heart and you could use my birthday as an excuse to give. If you don't have money to spare, take time on April 13th and very deliberately spend it with someone you love.

Some exclusions apply. See the extended entry for details. (Aunt Rose, this means you in particular)

My most crafty aunt, could you PLEASE make me an afghan to mark me making it this far in life without throttling someone to death? Just something soft and warm in whatever color you want so that I can wrap up in it and be thankful that I have you! And since it will be like a birthday present, I won't have to share.

The rest of you who participate, you have to let me know how you made my birthday wish come true so I can thank you properly.

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You rock muchly!


Oh, and remember I'm just one week behind you! ;)

happy birthday to you both!
And, Lisa, working on it, friend.

I wish it could be more, but know that the gifts are tinged with love and affection for you, friend. All three are receiving a little something this week - and I included a little something on honor of my son-in-law to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society as well.