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So sad

Sometimes I talk about my other kids here. They are kids who hang out here in the summer. Kids I would adopt if they were up for adoption. Anyway, a couple of the kids lost their grandmother today. She was a sweet woman with so much love for "her kids".

I visited her often over the last couple of years and after I got close to her grandkids she would say "Watch out for my kids, would you? You know they love you so." and I would assure her that I loved them as well and I'd make sure they were fine. At least once a week we'd have this conversation. Except this week. This week I got too busy with work and activities and didn't get a chance to talk to her and now she is gone. I cried a lot this afternoon and wondered if she remembered how much I cared about her. I make a point to tell everyone that I love them often so she knew I'm sure. I just wish I could have been there to tell her one more time.


RIP Velma. Now you can look after your kids always from high above.

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aww, sweetie. I'm sorry for your loss. Velma knew and knows still of your love. Hugs from Alaska, my friend - and love as well.