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Fun auction site

Finally, an auction site so different from your standard online auction that it's actually worth mentioning. The lowest unique bid wins at bid4prizes. The keyword is "unique". You can bid a penny but chances are good many others will do that also. This is an extremely interesting concept in that it seems like a hoax at first glance. If you stop and think about it though, people will bid low and, if the prize is good enough, they will continue to build on their bid in hopes of winning. It is more competitive than a single bid raise and also more like playing a game against others. Right now there is a Scion car with a unique bid between 1 and 21 cents. In my opinion, those are ugly but it'd be worth 22 cents. Only joking. Of course I'd drive it since my own car is terminally ill and I can't bring myself to replace it.

Another neat aspect is that each time you bid, you are awarded points and can spend those points on items in the store.